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Are You Ready For Canton Fair

Good news to our customers and supporters!

Are You Ready For Canton Fair?

Canton Fair Deteails:

  • Time: October 31 - November 4, 2016

  • Our Booth Number:  1.2M29-30

Office Supplies:

1. Pens: Pencils, Ball Pens, Rolling Ball Pens, High-lighters, Fountain Pens, Pens, Oil Pens, Painting Pens, Refills, Ink
2. File Storage: Hardback File Folders, Paper File Folders, Transparent File Covers, Conference File Covers, Computer-printed File Folders, Hanging File Folders, Ring Binders, Board Clips, Pages' Folders, File Plates, File Holders, Name Card Holders, Report Folders, Identification Card Folders. 
3. Office Supplies: Staplers, Staples, Binders, Staple Removers, Punches, Scissors, Paper Knives, Pen Containers, Paper Clip Containers, Adhesive Tape Holders, Rulers, Tape Lines, Pencil Sharpeners, Correction Fluid, Erasers, Glue, Transparent Adhesive Tapes, Double-Sided Adhesive Tapes, Buckles, Seals & Stamps, Calculators, Table Pads, Name Card Holders, Newspaper Holders 
4. Paper Products: Notebooks, Memo Pads, Fax Paper, Computer Paper, Color Ink-jet Printing Paper, Copy Paper, Photo Paper, Writing Paper, Financial Paper, Paper for Financial usage
5. Label: Hand-written Labels, Badges, Laminating Pouch Films, Mark Labels
6. Desk Decorations 
7. Office Automation Products & Equipment, Consumable Office Supplies

We are waiting for you in our booth!

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